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Once upon a time, Freddie the Yeti was born deep in the hills of the Ozark Mountains to Betty and Eddie Yeti. Freddie spent his childhood happily foraging mulberries with his sister, Jessica. Freddie was the fastest forager around - foraging more barrels in a day than every Yeti in the Village of Yillage combined. In fact, the mulberry surplus grew so much that the House of Yongress moved the retirement age from 65 to 55.

Freddie was a hero.

Even so, Freddie wanted something more. So, one night under cover of night Freddie packed his yapsack to the brim with Bearded Tooth mushrooms and left the Village of Yillage. He headed north through the mountains over the rivers across the highways and all the way into the big city . . . Columbia.

Later he met Reid, Jordan, and Ryan in a mall parking lot and convinced them to open a custom apparel shop in his honor.

And thatís exactly what they did.

Together, we strive to bring a wide variety of t-shirt designs to our customers at a reasonable price. Stringent quality control standards virtually guarantee that our tees are delivered in perfect shape and as quickly as possible. We're based in the center of the United States (Missouri), so our domestic orders ship super-fast. (International orders are still super-slow, ha).

While we have tons of pre-made options to choose from, we specialize in unique custom designs. We work with our customers to put together their ideas quickly and professionally. Custom tees and hats make awesome one-of-a-kind gifts, or can perfectly brand your group, team, or business.

If you have any questions about our services or our site, email us at art@fastyetitees.com or call us at 573-289-9080.
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